Catch the Bus Month 2023

7 months ago Thu 31st Aug 2023

September is Catch the Bus Month!

September is the month to make a positive difference to the environment, economy, and society! 

Not only is it Catch the Bus Month, but Friday 22nd September is World Car Free Day! 

In today’s fast-paced world, finding sustainable and cost-effective transportation options is vital. However, as our lives get busier, we often forget to consider the impact of our transportation choices on the environment, economy and society.  

Hop on board this month and join us as we celebrate the benefits of bus travel!

What are the benefits of travelling by bus?

For even more facts and statistics, download our ‘Benefits of bus travel’ factsheet (PDF, 543KB) or check out this report from the Confederation of Passenger Transport.


  • Reduces emissions: a brand-new diesel car with a single occupant can emit more nitrogen oxides than a new bus carrying 50 or more passengers.
  • Low carbon footprint: taking a bus instead of a car can help cut your travel carbon emissions per passenger kilometre by 38%. For a bus carrying 40 people, this rises to 80%. 
  • Reduces congestion: if each bus were used to 50% capacity, an estimated 24.7 cars would be removed from the road per bus.


  • Economic benefit: buses are responsible for 1.4 billion shopping trips a year in the UK, contributing £21 billion to the economy.
  • Major employer: local bus operators in England employ an estimated 100,000 full time equivalent staff.
  • Re-entering the workforce: 77% of jobseekers don’t have access to a car, while 40% of unemployed people say a lack of transport has inhibited them from getting a job.

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  • Health & wellbeing: bus passengers on average undertake 20 minutes of exercise per day as part of their journey. This can be in the form of cycling or walking to and from the bus stop. 
  • Keeping people connected: bus travel can improve community mobility by providing direct links to other communities and areas where there are opportunities. 19% of bus journeys are made for essential shopping trips while 10% are made to visit friends and family. 

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