• Freeflow is coming from 23rd February!

    Freeflow is a new convenient way to pay for your bus travel using contactless payment - coming to Carousel Buses from Sunday 23rd February.

A new and convenient way to pay for your travel on Carousel buses.

Simply “tap on” the driver ticket machine at the start of each journey (when you board the bus/coach) and “tap off” at the end of each journey using a contactless payment method (Visa/Mastercard payment card or device using Google Pay or Apple Pay).

The price will be the same as it would be when buying an adult single paper ticket on the bus.

The total you pay each day automatically caps to the price of a day ticket for the area that you travelled in, if this is less than the total cost of the single fares. Capping will only work properly if you use the same card or device for all journeys in a day.

This new system will help reduce boarding times too, which is great for speeding up bus journeys.

To use Freeflow, there's no need to register or sign up. Just board the bus using your card or device to “tap on” - and don’t forget to “tap off” when you exit.


How do I use Freeflow?

1. Tap on

When you board the bus, simply place your card or device on the ticket machine reader at the front of the bus, wait for the beep and the screen will display “Accepted”. You don’t need to tell the driver where you’re going.

2. Tap off

When you leave the bus, “tap off” at the exit reader and the screen will display “Accepted”. If the reader is not working, you can still tap off using the driver's ticket machine.

3. Journey history

You will be able to check your journey and fare history online by following the link below.



Who can use it?

Freeflow is perfect for: 

Adults who would like to buy one or more single tickets, or a day ticket from the driver on Carousel services.

Freeflow is not currently suitable for:

  • Return tickets
  • Child tickets
  • Discounted tickets, such as CitizenCard or Herts SaverCard
  • Family tickets
  • Weekly tickets
  • Tickets valid for travel on other bus companies
  • Through fares from one route to another. 

These are still available on the bus as paper tickets and you can still pay for these using contactless payment devices or cash - just ask the driver. Please don’t “tap off” when you buy paper tickets.


Frequently asked questions

Is it just for adult fares?
Yes. For discounted, child or family tickets please continue to buy a paper ticket from the driver, or use the app or the key.

Does this work on all Carousel services?
Yes, Freeflow can be used on all Carousel services.

Can I pay for two or more people?
No, you can only use your card/device for one person per journey when travelling using Freeflow. You can still continue to buy a paper ticket for multiple passengers and pay by card.

Will I get a ticket?
When you use Freeflow, you won't receive a ticket but you can check your journey history and the fares charged online at mytrips.uk.littlepay.com/go-oxford. If a revenue protection inspector boards the bus you will need to present the card you used to make payment for inspection.

What happens if I forget to “tap off”?
You will be charged the single fare to the end of the route, so always remember to “tap off” in order to pay the correct fare. If you do forget to “tap off” and are overcharged as a result, please contact customer services at freeflow@carouselbuses.co.uk.

What happens if I can’t “tap off”?
If there was a problem with the reader and you are overcharged as a result, please take a note of the time of your travel and contact customer services at freeflow@carouselbuses.co.uk.

Why can’t this be used by all passengers?
We are looking to develop the system further in the future to cover return tickets, child fares, other card issuers and services operated by other bus companies.


Changes to fares

From Sunday 9th February 2020, minor changes were made to some of your Carousel bus fares in preparation for the launch of Freeflow. The price of some singles, returns and 10 trip tickets is amended very slightly. Certain fares were reduced whilst others  increased; however, we have tried our best to keep fare changes to a minimum.