• Service Changes from 18th February 2018

    From Sunday 18th February 2018, changes will be made to your Link40, X80, Park&Ride and 35/36 services.

Link40 changes:

Due to customer feedback, we are improving our service to Towersey with the 07:00 and the 09:20 journeys from High Wycombe and the 15:20 and 16:20 journeys from Thame now serving Towersey.

Link40 Timetable - Valid from 18th February 2018 (PDF, 36KB)

X80 Regatta changes:

The revised X80 Regatta will continue to operate up to every 30 minutes between High Wycombe, Handy Cross Hub and Marlow with buses continuing approximately hourly to Reading. Certain peak journeys will continue to serve High Wycombe railway station.

X80 Timetable - Valid from 18th February 2018 (PDF, 689KB)

Park&Ride changes:

The Park&Ride timetable has been revised to improve spacing as a result of changes to our X80 service. The PR1 and X80 service will continue to combine provide a bus up to every 15 minutes between the town centre and the Coachway. Morning X80 peak-time journeys operate fast from the Coachway to the Railway Station and then Bus Station. In the evenings these return as route PR2. PR1 journeys operate as follows: Coachway, Hospital, Bus Station, Railway Station and then extend to Hicks Farm Rise and Hollis Road. 

Park&Ride Timetable - Valid from 18th February 2017 (PDF, 46KB)

35/36 changes:

Revised timetable with journeys now coordinated with Arriva service 37. Return tickets on the 35/36/37 will be valid on either operator between common points. From 18th February the weekly "One" ticket will also be valid on Arriva and Carousel services 35/36/37 as well as the existing validity on the 1/1A.

35/36 Timetable - Valid from 18th February 2018 (PDF, 123KB)