the one - Temporary timetable due to road closures in Amersham & Chesham Bois

8 months ago Fri 18th Aug 2023

Due to the closure of Stanley Hill in Amersham all day, and the closure of Amersham Road in Chesham Bois between 0900 and 1600 each day, a special temporary timetable will operate on the one from Monday 21st August to Saturday 26th August 2023.

All journeys will operate via Station Road between Old Amersham and Amersham Railway Station throughout the day. As a result, all 1B trips currently timetabled to operate as service 1B via Stanley Hill will all operate as service 1A via Station Road.

Between 0900 and 1600, buses will divert between Amersham and Chesham, omitting all stops between Copperkins Lane and Chesham Broadway. Due to the significant amount of extra time this adds to each journey, the following special arrangements will also be in place during these hours:

  • 1 will not serve Whielden Street in Old Amersham, operating instead via Gore Hill then via Station Road to Amersham Railway Station, then onwards to Chesham and Hemel Hempstead.
  • 1A journeys will not serve Pond Park, instead running to and from Chesham Broadway.
  • A special 1A shuttle service will operate between Chesham Broadway and Pond Park to ensure that these connections can continue to be made at the Broadway.

To see the temporary timetable in place from 21st August until 26th August 2023, please click here and select the date and direction of travel.

These arrangements will be reviewed from 27th August 2023, and more details will be available soon.