High Wycombe Coachway - Abbey Barn Park - High Wycombe Railway Station - High Wycombe Bus Station

Mondays to Fridays service (excluding public holidays)

From Monday 26th July 2021, your new 34 service linking Abbey Barn Park and High Wycombe Railway Station was launched. Initially operating at peak times only, this new service is ideal for anyone wishing to catch trains from the station. 

From Sunday 29th August 2021*, we plan to expand the service with additional trips in the middle of the day. These journeys will operate beyond the railway station to the town centre and bus station. In the opposite direction, buses will continue beyond Abbey Barn Park to the Coachway for Wycombe Leisure Centre and to Marlow Hill Schools.

Between London Road and the town centre, the 34 service will follow the same route as the 27 service, combining to provide two buses per hour between the London Road Lidl and Bowerdean Road/Totteridge Road.

*If the junction between Abbey Barn Lane and Heath End Road is not open on 29th August, it will not be possible to start the additional journeys until the road is open.

34 Timetable - Valid from 26th July (PDF, 284KB)

34 Timetable - Valid from 26th July (PNG, 300KB)

Where to catch the bus at Abbey Barn Park (PNG, 54KB)