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Service changes from 4th September 2022
2 weeks ago Tue 19th Jul 2022
Following discussions with Buckinghamshire Council, we’ll be making changes to several Carousel bus services from Sunday 4th September 2022.
Carousel fare changes - from 24th July 2022
4 weeks ago Mon 11th Jul 2022
From 24th July 2022, we will be making some adjustments to the prices of bus tickets.
Carousel service changes from 24th July 2022
1 month ago Fri 1st Jul 2022
From 24th July 2022, we'll be making changes to several of your Carousel Buses services.
The airline service changes
2 months ago Wed 1st Jun 2022
Great news! From 17th July we will be increasing our service to Gatwick Airport.
Sustainability Report 2021
4 months ago Wed 23rd Mar 2022
Sustainability is integral to the way we run our business. Our Sustainability Report 2021 is now published!
Service changes from Sunday 17th April 2022
4 months ago Wed 16th Mar 2022
On Sunday 17th April, changes will be made to your 1/1A, 8, 27, 35, 36, 37 and 39 services.
Wycombe Smartzone announces fare changes
5 months ago Wed 23rd Feb 2022
The Wycombe Smartzone bus companies have confirmed prices for day, week and 10 trip passes will have an inflationary increase this month.
Fare revisions from 27th February 2022
5 months ago Thu 17th Feb 2022
On Sunday 27th February 2022, there were a number of price changes across the Wycombe SMARTzone.
Bus passenger survey
8 months ago Mon 6th Dec 2021
Please take a couple of minutes to complete our survey and let us know your thoughts about your bus services.
New Chiltern Hundreds 106/107 service
11 months ago Thu 12th Aug 2021
From Sunday 29th August 2021, two new services, 106 and 107, will be introduced and added to our Chiltern Hundreds bus network.