Carousel service changes from 24th July 2022

1 year ago Fri 1st Jul 2022

Carousel Service Changes from 24th July 2022

From 24th July 2022, we'll be making changes to several of your Carousel Buses services, following discussions with Buckinghamshire Council. There will also be changes to fares across the network.

Service changes

Details can be found on a route-by-route level below, along with a revised Carousel Buses network map effective from 24th July.

Network map

Carousel network map effective from the 24th July 2022 (PDF, 860KB)

Chiltern Hundreds 101 & 102

We are pleased to announce that the Chiltern Hundreds 101 service will be returning. This will restore the frequency of buses between High Wycombe and Beaconsfield to operate up to every 15 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytimes, as well as providing another fast bus per hour between High Wycombe and Uxbridge.

We are also pleased to partner with Heathrow Airport once again, extending the Chiltern Hundreds 102 to reintroduce direct links between High Wycombe, South Buckinghamshire & Heathrow Airport. New overnight journeys will provide useful links for airport workers and travellers alike. Buses will operate via a fast, limited-stop route between Uxbridge and Heathrow Central Bus Station, calling at The Greenway, Lees Road and Stockley Park bus stops.

Additionally, the Chiltern Hundreds 102 will serve the new Wilton Park housing development in Beaconsfield. As a result, the Ronald Road stop will no longer be served – customers are advised to use stops on Maxwell Road, or at the Cricket Ground which will be served by Chiltern Hundreds 101.

Timetable valid from 24th July (PDF, 234KB)

Chiltern Hundreds 103

The Chiltern Hundreds 103 will continue to operate hourly between High Wycombe and Amersham, but will be amended to serve Chesham rather than Watford.

The section of route between Amersham and Little Chalfont will continue to be served in part by improved Chiltern Hundreds 106 & 107 services – please see more details below. Unfortunately, the section of route between Amersham and Watford will no longer be operated by Carousel Buses, with Arriva providing a replacement 336 service.

Timetable valid from 24th July (PDF, 88KB)

Chiltern Hundreds 104

Journeys will be retimed to provide a more regular service at peak times, as well as a more punctual service throughout the day.

Timetable valid from 24th July (PDF, 125KB)

Chiltern Hundreds 105

Due to low passenger numbers, Chiltern Hundreds service 105 will be withdrawn. Chiltern Hundreds service 104 will continue to provide direct links between Uxbridge, Gerrards Cross and The Chalfonts. Chiltern Hundreds services 106 & 107 will maintain the direct links between Gerrards Cross, The Chalfonts and Amersham currently provided by the 105.

Chiltern Hundreds 106, 106C & 107

Following requests from customers and residents in The Chalfonts, we are pleased to announce that the Chiltern Hundreds 106 & 107 services will be extended from Chalfont Common to Amersham via Little Chalfont.

Journeys will be retimed to improve punctuality and enable these enhanced links. To help achieve this and simplify the services for our customers, the diversion into Chalfont Community College will cease; customers are advised to use the stops on Nicol Road which will continue to be served by Chiltern Hundreds services 104, 106 & 107. The sole Chiltern Hundreds 106C trip will be replaced by a 106 trip to provide a simpler, more consistent timetable for customers travelling from Stoke Poges to The Chalfonts.

Timetable valid from 24th July (PDF, 154KB)

Link 40

Due to low passenger numbers, we regret that link 40 will no longer be operated by Carousel Buses from the 24th July. Red Rose Travel will be operating a replacement service from this date.